Why work at Visgo

Reasns you might want to work at Visgo

• You want to use Visgo.
• You want to work at a tech company where success isn’t measured by the amount of time people stare at screens and fiddle with gadgets, but by how often we get people out into the world .
• You want to invent something new, not copy or optimize. You like solving hard problems.
• You want the upsides of being in a small startup: big impact on a small team, decisions are made quickly and without bureaucracy, etc.
• You don’t want the traditional downsides of being in a small startup. Because we’ve done this
• Before, you won’t be guinea pigs as we figure out on-the-job how to run an organization or manage people. And because we’ve been successful, money won’t get in the way of us doing the right thing.
• You are excited to work for a company in which techies and artists (engineers and content creators) work closely with each other .
• You want to work on something with customers that talk about it using words like “love” and “magic.”
• High on your list of job requirements is being surrounded by people who inspire you and can teach you something.
• You believe that the right business decision is the decision the customer would choose; and it’s right 100% of the time, even when it causes excruciating short-term pain to the company
• You want to work at a place that trusts you; that gives you the context to make smart decisions, and focuses on getting stuff out of the way that prevents you from doing great work .
• You’re ready to dive into startup life, but think it’s crucial to occasionally disconnect. In addition to no limits on your paid time off, we have a mandatory vacation policy, during which we disable your email.

Reasons you might want to work Somewhere else.

• Lack of structure makes you anxious. You want clearly defined responsibilities and a detailed five year plan. You have a hard time staying excited about a destination if you don’t know the exact path that gets you there. Visgo is a startup; we know where we want to end up, but we know there will be surprises along the way. If this kind of ambiguity makes you nervous, you’ll do better at a larger company. • You take shortcuts when you are impatient for success. We believe that there is only one way for us to fail, and that is to ship stuff that we aren’t proud of. • You struggle with self-discipline. Especially in a small team, we all need to be able to rely on each other. We try to keep things flexible and let employees work in whatever way they find productive. That’s a perk, but it means we can only hire people that can be relied upon without micromanagement . • You want to do something easy and stress free. If this were easy, someone would have done it already. • You are risk averse. You would rather have one guaranteed cookie now than make a choice that may lead to no cookies, but might also lead to, like, five cookies.